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Indira Ivf Centre Nashik

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Indira Ivf Centre Nashik

Nashik, Maharashtra

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Each one in twenty adult males has got fertility issues informed Dr. Priyanka (Centre Head – Indira infertility clinic and test tube baby centre in Nashik). She further goes on to explain as to what are the fundamental causes for male infertility and the ways to prevent this issue on this page. Since male infertility is a very prevalent problem these days. According to a new research, 1 in every 20 males is affected with one or the other form of fertility issues and one in every hundred men has little or no sperm at all asserted Dr. Priyanka (Centre Head – Indira IVF center in Nashik)

So what actually is male infertility?

Male infertility is reproductive issues present in the male which render him unfeasible for conception. The condition normally is influenced by the relatively fewer number of sperm which a male partner ejaculates or perhaps in the inferior quality of sperm. As a consequence, it would make very hard or in some instances even unfeasible for the partners to have a baby, explained Dr. Priyanka (Centre Head – Indira IVF centre in Nashik). However, don’t lose hope! Once you know the source of infertility, you may be able to prevent it. In fact, there are methods to cure infertility assured Dr. Priyanka. The next obvious question is to know whether you are infertile or not. In fact, you can’t detect it without seeing a fertility specialist, simply because of ejaculation, as well as erections, occur normally. The physical appearance, as well as volume of ejaculated semen, can also be normal. When you suspect that there is infertility, you must check out a reputed IVF center. Being one of the best IVF hospitals in Nashik, Indira IVF has all the means to determine male infertility, which is as given below:

1. Semen evaluation: It is the most frequent form of evaluation that helps to ascertain the quality as well as the quantity of sperm.

2. Physical examination of the prostate as well as the penis.

3. Blood evaluation: Hormone disturbance is one among the leading factors that cause infertility also blood evaluation helps to check out the blood for an infection as well as hormonal level.

4. Creating a culture of fluids from penis for assessment.

Clinic Address

1st Floor, Bosco Centre, Above NEXA Showroom, Gangapur Rd, Nashik, Maharashtra 422001, Nashik, Maharashtra

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Preethi Hospital

Dr. Priyanka Kasliwal

Mbbs, MS

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Rating: 4.6/ 5 10 Vote(s)

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    Infertility Specialist, Gynecologist

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    Rs. 850

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    10 years experience

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    MON- SAT :9.00AM - 7.00PM

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