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Diya Women is dedicated towards finding the best fertility solution for couples. With Diya Women, you get the benefit of having a personal health assistant, to help you at each and every step in your goal of having a baby and realizing your dreams. Diya Women is an end-to-end fertility platform that enables us to help our users through all of the following aspects.


We want to be you’re most independent, reliable and trusted friend in your pursuit of completing your dream of Parenthood.


How much you want to be a Mother and how much you want to have a baby – Diya Women understands that, which is why we’re committed to making your dream a reality. You can always take Diya Women as the most dependable source for verified Medical and expert content and believe in all our Fertility experts to serve you in the best most independent way. We aim to serve you with quality Fertility healthcare facilities. Diya Women understands the fact that motherhood is a dream you might be pursuing for years. Every member of Diya Women believes and practices that trust and reliability goes hand in hand. Over thousands of couples across the world have trusted us to achieve their successful conception of a baby. You are at the right place if you are searching for some gynecology or infertility related information or want to know more about an infertility clinic or specialist. You will find useful medical content as well as support of expert professionals who cater to requirements of the patients from general medicines to gynecology and infertility health.


As a valuable patient of Diya Women, you may want to know about different happenings, news and social work at Diya Women. Below you will find the information and latest news about Diya Women in terms of healthcare facility seekers to expert medical professionals in the field of maternity and fertility healthcare.


Fertility platform Diya Women raises $3 million in series A round

The company said that it would use the funds to further enhance its technology platform and expand in non-metro cities as well as within the Asia Pacific region.


By ET Bureau Oct 11, 2018, 04:54 PM IST

Here's How IVF Market is Growing in India

Diya Women, a data driven women’s health and Fertility Company, announced the launch of its end-to-end fertility platform and app Diya Women, designed to help couples to meet their fertility.


By Hans India Sep 09, 2018, 05:30 AM IST

Diya Women: Your fertility guide

Diya Women, a data driven women’s health and Fertility Company, announced the launch of its end-to-end fertility platform and app Diya Women, designed to help couples to meet their fertility


By Hans India Sep 09, 2018, 05:30 AM IST

Researchers say that, after analysis, the increased risk of siblings conceived through ART having a higher risk of premature birth and low birth weight became negligible


By Health24 Feb 12, 2019

Long Overlooked By Science, Pregnancy Is Finally Getting The Attention It

The basic science of pregnancy, is getting a closer look, as National Institutes of Health has so far funded $76 million in research projects to study the human placenta, the temporary.


By NDTV March 08, 2019 18:07 IST


With increasing fertility problems worldwide and escalating need of awareness, Diya Women was born as a one-stop solution portal to all fertility needs and treatments. Our mission is to facilitate patients with a transparent and robust system into Fertility Health across the globe - a system, which provides unbiased transparent information across Doctor Data, Treatment Pricing, Clinical Success rates and past patient reviews. Diya Women is a platform where you can find not only the best specialist for your treatment but also get end-to-end assistance through your entire journey of Parenthood in the most transparent and independent way. Diya Women never charges its patients and users; so all our services are completely FREE. We do this to make sure that our mission is achieved without any hindrance to our users and the quality of service is the same throughout. We further aim to provide an open platform where couples can discuss, consult and educate each other through an all-round fertility Ecosystem.